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FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Offers Tips on Maximizing Bathroom Space

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Langhorne, PA — (SBWIRE) — 08/03/2018 — FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co., the premier team for bathroom and kitchen cabinets in Bucks County, recently published a blog post giving tips and advice for making the most out of a bathroom space.

Bathrooms tend to be notoriously small, and though large bathrooms are beginning to become more popular, that doesn’t mean that a smaller room can’t be used to its full potential.

FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. recommends a variety of useful hacks. Shower organizers, for instance, are an excellent way to clear the space in one’s bathtub of soaps, shampoos, and lotions, and are easily attached to a curtain or shower rod. Installing additional tension rods in a cabinet beneath the sink can do wonders in space utilization, as the rod can be used for spray bottles and cleaning rags. Even something as simple as some adhesive hooks can revolutionize a bathroom, as they can be used for towels, robes, or hairbrushes.

FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. has a few non-conventional ideas as well. They suggest using unused dresser drawers and converting them into extra shelves by repainting them and mounting them to the wall. They also suggest inserting old baskets into closet shelves and creating more space by storing toiletries both inside them and on top of them. FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. even recommends a hollowed-out children’s stepping stool for families that can be utilized as a hollow space for storing toys.

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