Saturday, 24 October 2020

National Home Remodeling Month

Hi I'm Ginny Snook Scott with California Closets It's National Home Remodeling month and we have some ideas for you and how you can get ready for that remodeling

First off I'm in many many homes throughout the year and people are always asking so why do you remodel? Well what we see is that people are either looking to increase the value of their home for resale or they're looking at doing some nesting and making the space a little bit more personalized for them Sometimes it's a combination of both One of the things we found in a recent survey is over 75% of people find that storage is very important when looking for a new home and truly I had a report that it is one of the top three things that people are looking for in a new home So the question is when is the best time to do remodeling We find often times that spring is the time when you start to pull things out and get organized so there is no surprise that spring cleaning actually does happen in spring, but it often times kicks off a concept of where you want to start your remodeling

We see a lot of people start with the spring cleaning and come fall they are calling California Closets out to do some more professional organization A lot of the times we do DIY solutions and sometimes they stick and sometimes they don't we find that 50% of people find their DIY solution often times is disorganized less than three months later So when we come out we will work with you to create a beautiful space that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing Some of the trends we are seeing this year to make things aesthetically pleasing are using beautiful details such as handles and knobs for instance with beautiful mother of pearl inlay for metal finishes

Another great item we are starting to see in different designs is this beautiful repurposed leather belting It's a great application that you can put into your closet or you can put into a home office A Beautiful to add some personalization to your home Another thing I'm asked for what are some other trends that we should see emerging? We are very lucky enough to attend the Milan furniture fair each year and a couple of trends I saw emerging that I think we will start to see stateside are the use of beiges and greys in varying degrees to create beautiful cabinetry either in closets, media centers or home offices Another thing that we are seeing is the use of lighting

As shown behind me lighting can be used in multiple ways that can really create a beautiful space for you Lighted shoe shelves, cabinets for bags and personal items, even a lighted vanity area can create a beautiful spot for you The last is really this concept of contemporary and traditional and a lot of times people aren't quite sure of what style they prefer well don't be afraid to mix the two using different finishes and colors, shapes and sizes to create the space that feels uniquely yours So where can you get ideas? Well magazines are a fabulous place to start, but there's also some great online resources as well You can gain inspirations by going to Hows and Pinterest and of course visiting our website www

californiaclosetscom we look forward to seeing you soon

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