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Kitchen Remodeling Designs – Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

[Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: How To Choose a Kitchen Design Layout] Hi I'm Nadia Geller, interior designer for Homestyler, and I'm going to help you choose a kitchen design for your remodel

It may seem overwhelming at first [Nadia Geller, Interior Designer] But today we'll break it down to a few basic elements you need to think about First off, consider the four basic kitchen designs, like this one with an island There is also galley [Galley Kitchen] U-shaped [U-Shaped Kitchen], and L-shaped [L-Shaped Kitchen] This is your biggest decision right here, so you should make it your first

I always like to visualize my ideas using design software There are some good ones on the Web now [wwwhomestylercom] This one, Homestyler, is a free online program that lets you design your kitchen in 2D and 3D so you can get a pretty good idea of what your kitchen will look like

If you're stuck for ideas, start with one from the gallery of pre-made designs Now to the appliances I'm going to experiment with different brands and finishes and play around with different combinations Consider your work triangle, the space you cover when you're going from stove to sink to refrigerator What is the most natural and efficient for you? Use the program to explore where you want the appliances

It can really help erase any indecision you may have Once you've decided on a layout and your appliances, it's a good time to visit a showroom Be sure to print out your designs and your itemized product list directly from Homestyler and bring them with you There you can touch and feel the appliances' surfaces and fixtures and see if they really live up to your expectations You may feel differently after you've seen the real thing

Above all else, your kitchen should save you time and effort With that in mind, take inventory of your kitchen's appliances and tools Hanging pots and pans from above can be a great space saver, but if you're on the short side and you cook a lot, this may not be a good solution Think of the things you use most, and make sure they're easy to get to And storage

Make sure you have a place for everything, like the coffeemaker Are you okay with it out on the counter, or do you want an appliance garage for it? [?upbeat music?] [Choosing A Kitchen Design] [wwwhomestylercom] [Choose from the four basic kitchen designs] [Remember your work triangle–sink, oven, refrigerator] [Take inventory of your storage needs] [Geller] Now you're on your way to a fabulous new kitchen that suits you and your family perfectly I'm Nadia Geller

To start designing your dream kitchen today, go to homestylercom [To start designing today, go to wwwhomestylercom] [??]

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