Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Ideas: Come To Our Free Seminar

hi I'm Alicia from Marrokal design and remodeling I'm a design consultant here we have an upcoming seminar you're gonna love join the award-winning Marokal design and remodeling team for this free seminar on trends in kitchen and bath design you'll meet the team and see remodeling possibilities that will streamline and simplify the remodeling process and make your dream home a reality as a design consultant we are the conductor of your project from beginning to end remodeling can be an overwhelming experience at our seminar you'll learn how we take full ownership and accountability for your project when you come to our seminar you'll learn the latest in kitchen and bath trends did you know the work triangle in the kitchen out here's whats in creative storage spaces let's have a little fun mixing and matching textures you'll be surprised what blends join us for a look at timeless kitchen and bath Trends visit marrokal dot com to register i'm Gary Marrokal you can trust your home to us

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