Friday, 30 October 2020

How To Stylishly Work More Storage Space Into Your Home Renovation

Hi I am Ginny Snook Scott with California Closets chief design officer here to share with you some ideas on how to bring storage to your home and make it beautiful May is national Remodeling Month and we find that many people are really thinking about not only moving to new homes but how they can make their existing home exactly how they wanted

There are three really big trends that we are seeing Better Homes and Gardens real-estate just noted the three things people are looking at doing in their new homes or their existing homes, the man cave; creating that space for a media center and music for the man if your life, the Carrie Bradshaw dream closet with the dressing room and everything that every little girl always wanted, and lastly a home office that might incorporate guests room accommodations such as a wall bed These are all great things that you can look at doing to put into your home to make it not only valuable for the future but enjoyable currently A lot of people also ask how to incorporate décor and style into your storage without making it something that a new owner wouldn't be interested in there are some really great ways you can bring in beautiful color and texture into your home such as working with beautiful ecoresin such as this that can be an insert in a door or drawer

It allows you to bring a wonderful style and fashion to your home but it's easy to transition out and put a more neutral finish in when you resell the house These are some great things to bring in as well texture Were seeing that 65% of people do not use texture in their homes but this is a really great way to bring style and fashion to your life We also find that a lot of people are curious about how much it is going to cost to do something like this What really great is that custom storage solution can often times be just a little bit more or the same as a do-it-yourself program

Consumer reports just recently noted that the number one reason to not do a do-it-yourself solution is due to the cost We also find that when you do a do-it-yourself solution, the products are often times inferior Working with a custom company can allow you to create a solution that accommodates all your needs well for instance if you are doing a media center you can have a solution that will accommodate your changing technology over time but currently will fit the space and style that you need So if you're interested in getting some ideas and inspirations on how you can start to look at remodeling your home this month, you can visit Pinterest or House these are great online site for getting inspiration or visit californiaclosetscom

Thank you I am Ginny Scott with California Closets

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