Monday, 17 June 2019

How to Remodel Your Home : Bathroom Renovation for Home Remodeling

We renovated two bathrooms in our home renovation In this bathroom the first thing we did was take out this wall

This was a hallway, and this was a wall; one of the walls of the bathroom This is where the door was to enter the bathroom What we did was we took the hallway out entirely and expanded the bathroom to consume the hallway, so it’s a much bigger bathroom now and that allowed us to add this linen closet that will have shelves all the way up In the space that runs under the stairwell we added a hamper forty clothes This will be on roller wheels and it will roll out

There will be a door you open and then roll it out and it will glide very easily on glides The other thing we did in here was we retextured the walls and then I faux finished the walls using sponges and rags I used three colors First the wall was painted with a base color, and then I wet the wall with a brush, just with plain water And then I used rags and sponges very lightly, mixing it with paint medium, and blended the colors

Those were the basic changes we made in here

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