Friday, 30 October 2020

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These area businesses are like Toledo—they’re diverse. Whether they supply electronics, serve meals, or offer medical advice, all of these business owners have three things in common: they love Toledo, they’re passionate about their customers, and they couldn’t be more excited about this city’s future.



Culture Clash Records

4020 Secor Rd
419.536.5683 |

11am-8pm, Monday-Friday.
10am-6pm, Saturday.
Noon-5pm, Sunday.

Since: 2004
Owner: Tim Friedman

“Culture Clash Records is Toledo’s favorite place for vinyl records, live music events, and friendly faces.”

Owner Tim Friedman.

Owner Tim Friedman.

What’s your relationship with the founder of the business? I was a customer and fan of Pat O’Connor (formerly of Boogie Records), who opened Culture Clash Records in 2004. He had the only job I ever wanted and I am honored that his legacy can live on in my store.

What are you passionate about right now? I’m excited to share some of the rad live music we’ve hosted in the store with a wider audience. I’ve been recording audio from bands that play here for about a year and plan to make a compilation and a few full live sets available on vinyl soon. It’ll be so cool to work with local and traveling musicians to offer a quick turnaround between the live set and a physical product they can sell.

Favorite part of interacting with customers? I’m so lucky to have such a wide range of engaging conversations with customers, Toledoans, and passers-by. Whether I’m hearing wild stories about Pat and Boogie Records, swapping album or concert recommendations, or engaging in challenging discourse about social or political issues, I love that Culture Clash is a welcoming place for music-lovers of all shapes and sizes.

Real Estate 4U

419-690-9282 |

Owner: Erika Fowler

“Guiding clients through the home buying and selling process from start to finish and keeping them well informed along the way.”

Realtor Kelly Adesi-Beaubien.

Realtor Kelly Adesi-Beaubien.

What does “Real Estate 4U” mean? Our company motto is “We Work 4U.” We truly give every effort to our clients needs. We’re building lifelong relationships.

How does Toledo bring you success? The Toledo area is a destination. The more businesses coming in and flourishing here, the better my real estate business becomes.

Best lesson you’ve learned? Be patient because the market ebbs and flows. You have to be ready for every change around the corner.

Favorite part of interacting with customers? The joy of finding “the one.” Especially for first time home buyers. It’s exciting and fulfilling knowing I was able to help.

Castillo Funeral Home and Cremation Services

1757 Tremainsville Rd
419-740-6151 |

Since: January 2016
Owner: John Castillo

“A funeral home which celebrates individuals and focuses on one family at a time.”

Owner John Castillo.

Owner John Castillo.

How does family involvement shape your business? My wife and I live here at the funeral home, that type of family involvement means a great deal to families. They know I am there for them day and night, it is not a job it is a calling to serve families at the most difficult times.

How does Toledo bring you success? I am a lifelong Toledoan. The great people of Toledo are always willing to help one another andmy business relies on the good nature of Toledoans who care for one another.

How does Castillo fit into Toledo’s cultural landscape? We focus on celebrating the individual by making each funeral service unique. The facility even has a banquet room so that funeral luncheons can take place onsite.

How have you seen your industry change? The death care industry has been taken over by conglomerates and corporations and that has taken away from that “local” touch needed by a family grieving.

Belamere Suites

12200 Williams Rd, Perrysburg
419-874-2233 |

Since: 2004
Owner: John Kranjec

“A destination hotel for the enhancement of romantic relationships.”

Owner John Cranjec.

Owner John Kranjec.

What’s something that people might not know? Our suites include a private, large 92 degree swimming pool for only the two people in that suite.

How have you seen your industry change? Hotels have become more impersonal through today’s technologies. At Belamere suites we strive to cater to our customers needs through great customer service and one of a kind amenities that produce memories that last a lifetime.

What has been your highest achievement? Being rated the #1 most romantic hotel in all of America for two years in a row.

What are you passionate about right now? We look forward to opening a second location, in Atlanta, Georgia, at the end of 2018.

Battery Wholesale

1515 W Alexis Rd
419-478-5704 |

8am-8pm, Monday & Thursday.
9am-6pm, Tuesday, Wednesday
& Friday. 9am-4pm, Saturday.

“Battery Wholesale is a battery specialty retail chain of stores selling batteries and battery accessories to household consumers, business to business and wholesale.”

Owner Jennifer Zalecki.

Owner Jennifer Zalecki.

Since: 1983
Owner/President/CEO: Jennifer Zalecki

How did the business begin? Battery Wholesale was named because the founder, my father Ken Zalecki, wanted our customers to know they were receiving the lowest and best (wholesale) pricing without having to buy in large quantities.

What’s something that people might not know? Battery Wholesale sells all different types of batteries, not just batteries for cars and trucks. From any general household battery to boat batteries, camera batteries, lawn and garden equipment batteries and much much more. Battery Wholesale also re-packs dead rechargeable battery packs for cordless tools and other equipment.

How does Toledo bring you success? Toledo has been such a key part of the success of Battery Wholesale because of our customers. Our customers have built us by word of mouth and an amazing loyal following.

Thistle & Thorn

2746 W Sylvania Ave

10am-5pm, Monday-Friday.
10am-3pm, Saturday.

“We are a small flower, candle and gift shop.”

Since: February 2017
Owner: Hailey Franklin

Owner Hailey

Owner Hailey Franklin.

How did you decide on the name? When deciding on a name for our business, we wanted something rustic and creative that was a floral reference, but without the obvious choices. We decided on a Star Thistle flower which is more of a wildflower and the
thorn from a Rose.

How have you seen your industry change? In the years we have been in the floral/retail business one of the biggest changes has been the influx of DIY, especially with brides. Doing things yourself has become very popular. With that in mind we have switched some of our focus to teaching and passing on some of our knowledge. We hold workshops to show you how to take that Pinterest idea and turn it into reality.

How do you stay inspired? Creativity is all around us in nature, so we use that inspiration in our work and encourage it in our customers.

What is something that people may not know? I make all of our candles here on site and many of the scents we carry are my own creations. Unicorn Farts and Randymelon are by far the most popular.

Beacon Associates Insurance Agency

1755 Indian Wood Cr, Maumee
419-482-0280 |

8:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Thursday.
8:30am-4pm, Friday.

“Beacon ‘guides you’ to make the best possible choices in regards to your Insurance and Financial pathways.”

Owner Rhonda Wise.

Owner Rhonda Wise.

Since: 2004
Owners: Steven and Rhonda Wise

How does your business make an impact? We educate as it relates to Medicare, Social Security Maximization, Estate planning, income planning and Veterans benefits. The impact that we have had has helped thousands of families. Including helping veterans withstand high care costs and still pass an estate onto their children.

How have you seen your industry change? “The Affordable Healthcare Act” primarily resulted in significant changes to health insurance for those under 65. In the financial world there is more transparency than ever before.

What are you passionate about right now? There a many people out there that are getting ready to turn 65, they are confused, often bombarded with phone calls, mail and people randomly coming to their door. Our office has ‘Turning 65’ informational workshops—no obligation for people that are turning 65. We want to take all that craziness away from those folks. It’s our mission to help them make sense of it all.

Consign-It Home Interiors

6925 W Central Ave
419-841-4663 |

10a-6pm, Monday-Friday.
10am-5pm, Saturday.
Noon-5pm, Sunday.

“We are an upscale resale furniture and home accessories store that also includes 15-20% brand new items.”

General Manager Tony Rasczyk.

General Manager Tony Rasczyk.

Since: September 1997
Owner: Michael S. Smith

What’s something that people might not know? We get in different items every day, so our inventory is constantly changing. We also have about 40 vendors that rent out booth space like a mall, along with our large showroom. We are very eclectic in the different styles we get into the store: classic, retro, farmhouse, mid century, traditional, contemporary, and every style in between. We attract shoppers within a 60 mile radius on a daily basis. We also have a Facebook page that we update regularly with some of our new arrivals, as well as posting on Craigslist. Sometimes we sell items as soon as they come off the truck and are not even tagged and entered into our inventory.

How do you stay inspired? Our inventory changes on a daily basis and it’s never the same two days in a row, so this doesn’t feel like work. I love our customers and the people that work for me.

What are you passionate about right now? I’m passionate about mental health. I’ve help to start a fundraiser 15 years ago called Heart & Soul: Caring for our Community with my friend Sally Binard. We’re still raising awareness about mental health and still getting support from the community after all of these years. I’m a lucky man.

Cleavenger Compliance Training & Consulting Inc.

420 Madison Ave
419-843-8936 |

8am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

“We are your hometown safety experts, providing all your environmental health and safety needs.”

Sales/Marketing Manager Erik Cleavenger.

Sales/Marketing Manager Erik Cleavenger.

Since: 1995
Owner: Bryan Cleavenger

How did the business begin? My father, Bryan Cleavenger, founded in the company in 1995 to offer the public the services of safety compliance, training and consulting.

Why Toledo? This is our hometown. We want to help keep our fellow Toledoans safe at the workplace.

How does Toledo bring you success? We have been growing our company through local advertisement and backed up with a great reputation for being experts in our field.

How does your business make an impact? It is our duty to make sure workers go home to their families each and every day.

What are you passionate about right now? Introducing our company and the services we provide to potential new clients.

Wagoner, Wagoner, & Associates

5954 Renaissance Pl, Ste D
419-842-8488 |

9am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

Since: 1980
Owners: William and Colleen Wagoner

Greg Wagoner.

Greg Wagoner.

What are you passionate about right now? Currently, I am passionate about building my own business through seeing more clients and giving them the best service I can provide.

Best lessons you have learned? Be patient, listen to your client, get to know them so you know what goals the client wants to achieve and how.

How does Toledo bring you success? The community that we live in helps our business prosper through referrals and loyalty to our practice.

What is something that people might not know? We do individualized financial planning by hand so it is personally tailored for our clients.

The Juice

107.3/WJUC-FM |

“The People’s Station.”

On Air Since: 1997
DJ: Charlie Mack

DJ Charlie Mack.

DJ Charlie Mack.

How does Toledo bring you success? Being a local business that also competes with global entities, we rely on the city and its support to keep us going. That is why we always give back.

How do you fit into Toledo’s cultural landscape? The Juice is the piece of the puzzle that represents a segment of the full picture of Toledo. The music is just a small part of it. The culture is the real key.

What’s something that people might not know? We are 100% family-owned, and every dollar spent with The Juice stays in Toledo. ALL of our employees, management, and staff live here.

How have you seen Toledo change? Everyone knows that Toledo has grown. We love that fact and have always believed in the potential of our city.

Favorite part of interacting with customers? The love that they give back to us. Nothing beats that.

Needle Masters Tattoo Studios

5801 Telegraph Rd | 419-476-9015
527 S Reynolds Rd | 419-531-4652

11am-1am, Sunday-Wednesday.
11am-3am, Thursday-Saturday.

Since: 1999
Owner: Bradley C. Cooper

Tattoo Artist Yimmy.

Tattoo Artist Yimmy.

How do you fit into Toledo’s cultural landscape? We are the most diverse studios in Toledo.

What’s something people might not know? We cover track marks on ex-drug users for free.

How does your business make an impact? Art at fair prices and walkins everyday.

Best lessons you’ve learned? Patience.

What’s your favorite part of interacting with customers? Meeting people from all walks of life and sharing personal experience.


A collaboration of locally owned businesses (Carpets by Otto, Cutting Edge Countertops, Gross Electric, Jamiesons’ Audio/Video, and Quality Overhead Door) providing home remodeling, decorating products and services.

Cutting Edge Countertops

1300 Flagship Dr, Perrysburg
419-873-9500 |

10am-8pm, Monday & Thursday.
10am-5pm, Tuesday-Wednesday & Friday.
10am-4pm, Saturday.

“Providing the best products and services to our customers, while creating the best possible workplace for our employees.”

Owners (L-R) Brian Burns, Jeff Erickson, and Brad Burns.

Owners (L-R) Brian Burns, Jeff Erickson, and Brad Burns.

Since: April 2006
Owners: Brian Burns, Jeff Erickson, and Brad Burns

What is the significance of your business’s name? The Cutting Edge in Cutting Edge Countertops means we are dedicated to developing and retaining the industry’s top talent with a focused dedication to continuous process and technological improvement.

How do you fit into the cultural landscape of Toledo? We combine leading-­edge products and expertise with a longstanding Midwestern work ethic and sensibility that permeates throughout the entire organization.

Jamiesons’ Audio/Video

5421 Monroe St
419-882-2571 |

11am-6pm, Monday-Friday.
11am-4pm, Saturday.

Since: 1954
Owners: David Jamieson & Ric Clark

“Jamiesons’ is an audio/video retailer and custom integrator providing audio, video, networking, control/ automation and surveillance solutions for the residential and small business markets.”

Owners (L-R) David Jamieson and Ric Clark.

Owners (L-R) David Jamieson and Ric Clark.

How did the business begin? Jamiesons’ was opened in 1954 by brothers Daniel and Richard Jamieson. Dan’s son David Jamieson, purchased the business in 1986. The original name of the business was Jamiesons’ HiFi, which changed to Jamiesons’ Stereo, then to Jamiesons’ Audio/Video, to reflect changes in the products and services provided.

What’s something that people might not know? We have a 4,000 square-foot showroom with nine studios where clients can hear, see and tryout all of our products, including fully functional audio, video, home theater, surveillance and smart home systems.

Gross Electric

2807 N Reynolds Rd
419-537-1818 |

9am-6pm, Monday-Friday.
9am-5pm, Saturday.

“Retail and wholesale distributor of lighting fixtures and electrical products.”

Owner Lori Gross.

Owner Lori Gross.

Since: 1910
Owners: Laurie & Joe Gross

How did the business begin? My grandfather George “Joe” Gross opened the business in 1910. We originally started as Toledo Gas Appliance, because in those days gas lighting was considered an appliance, name changed to Gross Electric around 1918.

How does your business make an impact? We are very involved in the community, from donating our time to various boards and organizations to donating product for many fund raising activities.

Carpets by Otto

5151 Angola Rd, 419-381-7206
4100 Brockway Dr, Perrysburg, 419-872-0400
Liquidation Outlet & Offices: 6430 Hamilton Dr E, Holland, 419-868-8188

10am-7pm, Monday-Friday.
10am-4pm, Saturday.

Since: 1969
President: Dee Weik

“Offering the largest displays of flooring fashion in NW Ohio.”

Otto and President Dee Walk.

Otto and President Dee Walk.

What does your name mean? Carpets by Otto’s original name in 1969 was “Sav-A-Carpet, Co.” When Otto decided to stop cleaning carpet and start selling it, he decided to pick a name that told who he was, and what he had to offer. Although today Carpets by Otto offers hardwood, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring, sheet vinyl, etc. Otto still likes to keep the name simple. People get it!

What’s your favorite part of interacting with customers? Flooring is a very happy business! There is such joy in the major transformations we are privileged to provide in our customers’ homes. I love hearing about the joy!

Quality Overhead Door, Inc

4655 South Ave
419-578-8700 |

8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.
8am-noon, Saturday.

Since: 1982
Owners: Bruce and Lisa Roth

“We sell, service, and install garage doors, openers, and related products for both residential and commercial applications in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.”

Owners Bruce and Lisa Roth.

Owners Bruce and Lisa Roth.

How does family shape your business? Our sons have grown up in our business so they are very a knowledgeable and experienced part of our Company. Three of our four sons work in different departments, one in operations, one in sales, and one in installations. With that being said, we have long term, key employees who have helped us grow our company to what we are today.

Favorite part of interacting with customers? Being available and helping people when they need us! We employ 58 people raising their families in Toledo and surrounding communities and we stock hundreds of doors and openers and can be responsive in most emergency situations very quickly.


The Sodbuster Bar

5758 Main St, Sylvania
419-517-1045 |

4pm-1am, Monday-Wednesday.
4pm-2:30am, Thursday-Saturday.
4pm-midnight, Sunday.

Since: March 2012
Owners: Matt Smith, Autumn Shock, and Frank Bobroski

“Your neighborhood bar with a lot of history.”

Co-owner Frank Bobroski.

Co-owner Frank Bobroski.

What does “Sodbuster” mean? Sodbuster is a term for farmer. When the bar first opened in the mid-70s, much of what is now the downtown Sylvania-area was farm fields.

What’s something that people might not know? Bob Seger used to be a regular customer.

How have you seen your industry change? The microbrewery industry has seen an explosion, especially since the State of Ohio eliminated the 12 percent cap on the beer alcohol limit in 2016.

Biggest disappointment and highest achievement? In the past year we have lost two of our favorite customers, Dick and Chris. As far as achievements go, being voted Sylvania’s best bar is up there. Being debt-free probably is the kicker.


219 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg
419-873-6223 |

Open at 11am daily.

Since: 2009.
Owners: Tony Bilancini & Jim Hodulik.

Co-owner Tony Bilancini.

Co-owner Tony Bilancini.

“Swig is a charcuterie gastropub specializing in fresh handcrafted creative food, craft beers, wine, and cocktails, accompanied by live music, weekly specials and always something community based going on.”

What does your name mean? It explains the wonderful occurrence enjoying some good eats and taking a swig of some good drinks.

How does Toledo bring you success? Toledo is extremely food centric so it keeps your game up. Keeps you hungry.

Best lesson you have learned? Believe in the good in everyone, and they will return the sentiment.

What’s your favorite part of interacting with customers? The camaraderie, jokes, and laughs. Walking down the street and a customer asking how you are and meaning it.

419 Tacos

3309 N Holland Sylvania Rd
419-214-1330 |

11am-10pm. Monday-Thursday,
11am-11pm, Friday & Saturday.
Noon-9pm, Sunday.

“Delicious and authentic Mexican street food and drinks at a very reasonable price.”

Since: April 22, 2018
Owner: Jorge A. Diaz

Owner Jorge A Diaz.

Owner Jorge A Diaz.

Why Toledo? Toledo loves Mexican food and country music. We have great food and the Sylvania Township and Toledo neighborhoods near our place didn’t have a local option for them. The people who live in the area were hoping for a great Mexican restaurant to replace POPs and bringing back what they experience at “El Matador” several years back.

What’s something unique that people mightnot know? We wanted to be a food truck first, but decided to bring food truck food inside a place where you can feel comfortable and enjoy a great meal. We are not your typical Mexican restaurant, and our decor shows a different type of environment from what other Mexican restaurants offer.

How does Toledo bring you success? People in Toledo love to eat out. They love Mexican food, Margaritas and good deals. We offer all that and more. We have the best Taco Tuesday in town.

Angry Irishman®

P.O. Box 111, Woodville, Ohio
567-482-0090 |

Orders online, but at the Perrysburg Farmers Market (3-8pm, Thursdays) and the Toledo Farmers Market (8am-2pm, Saturdays).

Since: May 2014
Owners: Kevin and Mary Ann Mackey

Owners Mary Ann and Kevin Mackey.

Owners Mary Ann and Kevin Mackey.

“What do the Irish know about hot sauce? One taste of our Angry Irishman® products and you’ll know!”

What does “Angry Irishman” mean? Kevin is very proud of his Irish heritage, our labels and use of Celtic designs throughout our business is proof of that. We also love to see the look on people’s faces when they try to connect the Irish heritage and hot sauce. It is kind of an anomaly.

Why Toledo? We are both originally from NW Ohio, and we love that Toledo is becoming more and more revitalized! We are very proud to make and sell our products in Toledo. As the signs say, “You will do better in Toledo!”

How does your business make an impact? We offer a variety of healthier, full flavored, lower sodium products, that can be used in a myriad of dishes. We also try to source as many ingredients as we can locally! We are local, so we buy and sell locally, but we also have started selling our products in international markets as well!

Best lesson you’ve learned? That owning a small business is a marathon, not a sprint. That you have to learn to crawl before you can walk, walk before you can jog, and jog before you can run!

Cocina de Carlos, Carlos’ Poco Loco, and the upcoming Carlos Que Pasa Street Tacos

Cocina de Carlos: 205 Farnsworth Rd, Waterville. 419-878-0261 | 27072 Carronade Dr, Perrysburg. 419-872-0200

11am-9pm, Monday-Thursday & Sunday.
11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday.

Carlos’ Poco Loco: 1809 Adams St. 419-214-1655

11am-9pm, Monday-Wednesday.
11am-1am, Thursday-Friday.
Noon-midnight, Saturday.

Since: 2010
Owner: Carlos Mendez

Owner Carlos Mendez.

Owner Carlos Mendez.

“My business (co-workers, customers and suppliers) is like my family, and I want the best for my family.”

How do you fit into Toledo’s cultural landscape? Toledo is diverse. Look around you, how many ethnicities and ideologies do you see around you? This city is why America is called a melting pot.

How have you seen Toledo change? When I mentioned to my friends that I was planning on opening the Poco Loco, everyone told me “Are you crazy?” But, Toledo is HOT. I did not let that stop my dreams, and look at us now. But shh.. keep this between you and me.

How does family shape your business? This is a really funny question for us considering even my dog Willie wishes he could come and work with us. Family is everything and we would not be where we are without the amazing support. Also, all my employees and partners are a second family to us.

La Scola Italian Grill

5375 Airport Hwy
419-381-2100 |

5-10pm, Tuesday-Thursday.
4-11pm, Friday-Saturday.
5-9pm, Sunday.

“Independent restaurant operators putting our passion and love for food and family on every plate.”

Since: October 2017
Owners: Gus Nicolaidis and Moussa Salloukh

Co-owner Moussa Salloukh.

Co-owner Moussa Salloukh.

How does your business make an impact? We have employed a lot of people over the past 11 years and contributed back to the community with a lot of charitable work, we enjoy giving back.

How do you stay inspired? Seeing what other chefs are doing and creating and continually raising the bar, our patrons also inspire us.

What’s your favorite part of interacting with customers? Talking about food and wine.

How do you fit into Toledo’s cultural landscape? Toledo is a very ethnic and cultural town and growing up in an ethnic family food was very important, then and now.

The Whitehouse Inn

10835 Waterville St, Whitehouse
419-877-1180 |

11am-10pm, Monday-Thursday.
11am-11pm, Friday-Saturday.
10am-9pm, Sunday.

“A locally-owned restaurant serving fresh quality products at a great value and specializing in Prime Rib.”

Since: 1995
Owner: Tony Fronk

Owner Tony Fronk.

Owner Tony Fronk.

How did the business begin? My father John Fronk opened the restaurant in 1995. He has owned and operated ten restaurants in NW Ohio.

What are you passionate about right now? Life, for sure. Businesswise, to be the best in the area and carry on my dad’s legacy.

How do you know when you’re done for the day? When I have a Budweiser in my hand.

What’s your favorite part of interacting with customers? To hear stories about my Dad who passed away three years ago. Also learning where people are from.

Original Gino’s Pizza

First location: 3981 Monroe St | 419-472-3567.
Hours vary by location.
See for a full list.

Since: 1953
Owner: Chuck Kreutz

“Great food, great pizza.”

Owner Chuck Kreutz.

Owner Chuck Kreutz.

How did the business begin? Founder Steve Sparks opened the first Gino’s in 1953. I was good friends (and a customer) with him and then I talked him into retirement.

How do you know when you’re done for the day? Never had that feeling.

What’s your favorite part of interacting with customers? Talking with customers that have been patronizing Gino’s longer then the 33 years that I have owned it. Also, having customers originally from Toledo making Gino’s their very first stop when they come back home. Then, asking us to open in their new city or state.

How do you stay inspired? I attend many food shows and seminars every year.

Georgjz419 Fun Food & Spirits

1205 Adams St
419-842-4477 |

4pm-1am, Monday. 4pm-2:30am, Tuesday-Saturday.
1pm-midnight, Sunday.

Since: May 2016
Owner: George Thompson

Owner George Thompson.

Owner George Thompson.

“A great place to dance, eat, and meet a great group of diverse people. You are only a stranger here once.”

What does your name mean? Family name for generations, born and raised in the 419! You know the phrase “you’ll do better in Toledo?” Well I have, and I believe that. Toledo supports their own.

How do you fit into Toledo’s cultural landscape? In every way, especially on Adams Street, which is very diverse and accepting. Everyone’s welcome without prejudice.

How do you stay inspired? Customers, community, and my staff.

What’s your favorite part of interacting with customers? I can’t pick a favorite. I love everything.

The Flying Joe Coffee Shop

2130 Preston Pkwy, Perrysburg
419-931-0273 |

6:30am-6pm, Monday-Friday.
8am-8pm, Saturday.
9am-5pm, Sunday.

“We create a unique experience by offering customers a diverse range of single origin coffees and espresso, sourced and roasted locally with care, highly trained baristas that use brewing methods to highlight the coffees while creating a warm and approachable atmosphere, with an emphasis on fantastic customer service.”

Since: 2007
Owner: Becky Ohm (co-owner)

Co-owner Becky Ohm.

Co-owner Becky Ohm.

What is the significance of your business’s name? A nomadic spirit is in our roots. As pilots in the United States Air Force, we’ve traveled the world. When we laid the foundation for The Flying Joe, we had a permanent location for an intangible idea. After nearly 10 years of growth and discovery, a lot has changed, but our vision has not. We want to evoke the level of service found during the romantic era of aviation, when the customer service was second-to-none and the skill-level was focused and cutting-edge. We love making people happy. We work hard to craft the area’s best coffee, and continue to search for the greatest cup on Earth.

What’s something that people might not know? We have recently expanded our menu to include specialty cocktails, craft beer and wine. We offer a relaxing and unique environment to sip a glass of wine or try one of our unique cocktails during brunch weekend, after work gatherings or before your Saturday night dinner plans.

Royal Deli Foods

112 W Front St, Perrysburg
419-874-7451 | |

“Nutritious and delicious home delivered meals.”

Since: 1954
Owners: David and Nancy Avalos (since 2008)

Owner Nancy Avalos.

Owner Nancy Avalos.

How does your business make an impact? We provide meals for people who are homebound or disabled. For people who cannot stand for long periods or cook for themselves. It provides them with a sense of independence and the ability to be home in their own environment in times of need.

How does family shape your business? We are family owned and operated and this helps to ensure the quality of our products and that every person gets treated with respect and caring. Our family wants to see the business continue, so it ensures more care is put into everything we do. It also gives us other points of view on ideas that we have to help with changes to our business.

Favorite part of interacting with customers? The stories of their past. Each person is unique and they have such interesting stories. Some were famous, some owned businesses, many had struggles.

Schmucker’s Restaurant

2103 N Reynolds Rd
419-535-9116 |

5am-11pm, Monday-Saturday.

Since: July 31, 1948
Owners: Patty and Doug Schmucker

Owner Doug Schmucker.

Owner Doug Schmucker.

“A third generation diner that opened in 1948 serving homemade food and over 20 kinds of made-from-scratch pies.”

What’s your relationship with the founder of the business? Harvey and Nola Schmucker were my grandparents.

How does Toledo bring you success? Toledo loves its hometown businesses. Toledo’s support is amazing and is what has helped us make to our 70th anniversary.

How does your business make an impact? We believe in giving back to the community. Cherry Street Mission Ministries and Sunshine Communities are two of our favorites.

How have you seen your industry change? 30 years ago there were just a handful of restaurants serving breakfast. Now, almost every fast food place is offering food in the morning. Also, 30 years ago gas stations serviced your car, pumped your gas and sold candy. Today, many folks buy lunch from them too.


Sylvania Vet

4801 N Holland Sylvania Rd, Sylvania
419-885-4421 |

7:30am-7pm, Monday-Thursday.
7:30am-6pm, Friday.
8am-5pm, Saturday.
Closed Sunday, but a doctor is on call.

Since: 1974
Owner: Dr. Robert Esplin

“We are a full service, 24/7 general veterinary practice.”

Owner Robert Esplin (Dr. Bob!)

Owner Robert Esplin (Dr. Bob!)

How have you seen Toledo change? Since I started in Toledo, I saw the deterioration of downtown and now I’m starting to see it come back which I think is thrilling. I’ve seen the general population of Toledo and the surrounding area actually decrease, which is frustrating, because I think the area is an unpolished diamond that people should seek out.

How do you stay inspired? I have a motivation to be the best and to always try to be on the leading edge of the profession, so constantly innovating keeps me juiced up.

How have you seen your industry change? It is dramatically different. The advent of the social media, the electronic age, digital x-rays, ultrasound, things that weren’t even on the radar when I started. People’s attitudes towards having pets and making them part of their families has changed significantly from when I graduated in 1970.

Toledo Hemp Center

815 Phillips Ave
419-724-9588 |

10am-6pm, Monday-Friday.
11am-4pm, Saturday.

Since: November 2013
Owner: Kevin Spitler

Specialist Peyton DeMoe.

Specialist Peyton DeMoe.

“Toledo Hemp Center specializes in industrial hemp based products including CBD infused products as well.”

How do you fit into Toledo’s cultural landscape? We fit into the unfortunate opiate crisis of Toledo. We are doing our best to help people reduce their opiate use.

What’s something that people might not know? Something unique about the Toledo Hemp Center is that we help pets, dogs, cats and even horses. Our furry friends have the same system as humans, so our products have the same benefits.

How have you seen your industry change? We have seen CBD and hemp become more known and acceptable. We have seen doctors refer their patients to our store and we have seen and heard inspiring stories of how much relief they have gotten from CBD and hemp.

Best lessons you’ve learned? Patience. A lot of people are uneducated and don’t know the difference of hemp and marijuana but I have learned I just have to educate them and be patient.

Frankel Dentistry

Toledo: 5012 Talmadge Rd | 419-474-9611
7:30am-8pm, Monday-Tuesday.
7:30am-5pm, Wednesday.
7:30am-2:30pm. Friday.
8am-noon, Saturday.

Maumee: 4359 Keystone Dr | 419-893-0221
8am-5pm, Monday-Wednesday.
8am-7pm, Thursday.
8am-2pm, Friday.
8am-noon, Saturday.

Since: 1946
Owner: Jon Frankel, DDS

Owner Jon Frankel, DDS.

Owner Jon Frankel, DDS.

“Changing lives a smile at a time with an always better philosophy.”

Why Toledo? In 1946, my father, Dr. Sheldon Frankel chose Toledo, Ohio, as home for his dental practice. Toledo had so much to offer. My father was a New Yorker but realized there was something special about Toledo. Most importantly, it was home to a beautiful registered nurse, Ervine Hening. She became my mother.

How does family shape your business? I still see my dad’s patients! Some have been in our care for over 60 years. Frankel Dentistry serves the Toledo area through dentistry. This commitment to service can be seen in our Free Dental Days. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we open our Toledo location and offer free treatment. We want everyone to enjoy a pain-free Thanksgiving. The Wednesday before Memorial Day in honor of those who served our country, we offer free dental care to veterans and those in active service. We are grateful to be home in Toledo.

What are you passionate about right now? It was challenging when my father passed away. He was my mentor and coach. We talked every day. His approach to dentistry is an inspiration for Frankel Dentistry. We are grateful to serve the Toledo area through dentistry with an always better attitude.

HLS Orthodontics

Sylvania: 6407 Monroe St | 419-882-1017
Lambertville, MI: 7928 Secor Rd | 734-854-6221
Maumee: 4359 Keystone Dr, Ste 200 | 419-887-1247

9am-7pm, Monday.
8am-5:30p, Tuesday-Thursday.
9am-noon, Friday (calls only).

Since: 1981
Owners: Drs. Haerian & Ludwig

“Enhancing smiles and supporting the community.”

Orthodontist Dr. Sara Hansen.

Orthodontist Dr. Sara Hansen.

Why Toledo? I was born and raised in Toledo, OH and I always knew after my journey through school, I wanted to come back. After graduating from Notre Dame Academy, I moved to Granville Ohio to attend Denison University for college, then over to Cleveland for CWRU dental school, and finally to Pittsburgh for my residency. No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve always referred to Toledo as my home and I’m glad that it truly is now.

How have you seen Toledo change? Since I have been away at school, I’ve noticed some amazing changes in the city. Downtown is growing, local businesses seem more prevalent, and it seems to be making a comeback. Even though I’ve always considered Toledo home, the changes have transformed it into an even more attractive city when deciding where to live and work.

What are you passionate about right now? Helping patients gain confidence in themselves. My experience with orthodontics as a child helped me feel comfortable speaking and smiling in public, and I’m excited that I have the opportunity to help others have that same experience.

Ohioans Home Healthcare

28315 Kensington Ln, Perrysburg
855-600-0806 |
Office staff present every day from 8am-8pm, and on-call the rest of the time.

“Ohioans Home Healthcare is a locally owned and operated, CHAP Accredited, Managed Care, Medicare and Medicaid certified agency that currently provides exceptional pediatric through geriatric skilled nursing and therapy services throughout Ohio and Michigan.”

Since: 2011
Owner: Josh Adams

Owner Josh Adams.

Owner Josh Adams.

How have you seen your industry change? The healthcare industry has changed considerably in the last few years in many ways. We have seen patients requiring increasingly higher levels of care in the home with decreased reimbursement which makes it challenging to provide what the patients need. With these challenges our organization continues to find innovative ways to provide a higher level of care through patient education and clinical training while remaining true to our values of putting the patients needs first above all else.

How do you stay inspired? The stories of successful patient outcomes, the letters of gratitude for our organization and wonderful staff, and knowing we are making an impact on people’s lives inspires us all every day. The skill level, dedication, and enthusiasm for healthcare our staff displays is infectious and gets shared with the community when they need it the most.

ICA Beautiful You

4405 N Holland-Sylvania Ave, Ste 102
567-408-7408 |

Since: February 2016
Owners: Mike Pappas, Stephanie Whitehead, and Cristy Saucedo

“We are a privately owned aesthetics practice providing the latest beauty technologies in a caring environment.”

Co-owner Cristy Saucedo.

Co-owner Cristy Saucedo.

What does “ICA Beautiful You” mean? Our business name is a result of Intensive Caring Aesthetics and realizing that this may be too much of a mouthfull, so we shorted it to ICA (I see a) Beautiful You. Both names represent what we offer to our clients when they walk through our doors. We are caring and insightful and together we will take you on an aesthetic journey to continue to bring the best you forth.

Why Toledo? I am from Toledo, born and raised. I am proud, very proud, of this city. It’s an honor to bring my business to a place I have established so many roots in and has been so good to me throughout the years.

How does family involvement shape your business? My husband and I are career business people (by default)… we are both clinicians. We have always worked together throughout our 19 years of marriage and have maintained and operated a fairly surprising “mom and pop” shop. What this means to us and our work family is that we are a tight knit group and we are there for each other. That is what spills over into our environment and is palpable by those who experience us.


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