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61+ Most Innovative Outdoor Kitchen Ideas, Design & Decorating Pictures

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – A kitchen becomes the most important part that you must have in your house. The kitchen serves as a place to cook food and prepare family dishes. However, the kitchen does not have to be built inside the house, because you can also create a kitchen built outside the room. Let us call it an outdoor kitchen. It is actually easy to build such an outdoor kitchen. You only need to find some kitchen ideas that can inspire you.

What is the outdoor kitchen used for? When you build an outdoor kitchen, it does not mean that you have to forget your indoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is actually an addition kitchen that you can build in the yard. If you have a patio, then you can use it as an outdoor kitchen too.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

You can use your outdoor kitchen for a family gathering and barbecue. During the holiday, if you do not want to spend the holiday outside the house, you can invite your friends and make some barbeques in your outdoor kitchen. Somehow, you can build such a nice outdoor kitchen according to your wishes. Maybe, you can read these following outdoor kitchen design ideas just in case you want to build one.

Barbecue Grill and Prep Station

Barbecue Grill And Prep Station

This is a good choice if you want to make such a nice outdoor kitchen idea that brings the traditional concept for a barbeque. This barbeque grill and prep station looks extraordinary because it has a really large stove that you can use for a barbeque. Meanwhile, this nice outdoor kitchen is also completed with a small roof that is made from the high-quality wood. This cool outdoor kitchen also has a compact cabinet that is built next to the store. It becomes more attractive because the atmosphere is also natural with some beautiful trees and flowers. Anyway, this simple outdoor kitchen can be the extra kitchen that you can build exactly behind your in-house kitchen.

DIY Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar

DIY Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar

This is the easiest outdoor kitchen idea that you can create just in case you do not have enough money to build the modern one. Simply, you can use some zink roofing which is also functioned as the wall design. In a glimpse, this nice outdoor kitchen resembles a mini bar that is built in the middle of the forest. Anyway, the poles of this mini outdoor kitchen bar are totally made from wood. Moreover, there is also no additional painting and it remains original as it is. There are also some shelves that can be used to put some cups and glasses.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design with Grill and Dishwasher

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design With Grill And DishwasherSource: yellowhome.ru

Rustic outdoor kitchen idea brings natural concept with stone materials. This is more likely a kitchen that is designed for dual function. This can be an indoor kitchen as well ass outdoor kitchen. This concept uses bricks for the wall construction, but it is not coated with cement. So, you can keep the original bricks accent to make it look rustic. Meanwhile, you can build an L shape countertop made from acrylic along with some natural decorations to add aesthetic value. The concept seems so simple, but it becomes so adorable when you complete it with some kitchen items such as plates, pans, and much more.

Outdoor Food Prep Station for Small Spaces

Outdoor Food Prep Station For Small SpacesSource: onekindesign.com

You can make such a beautiful outdoor kitchen without spending a lot of money. Simply, you can just build a small outdoor food preparation station for a small space. You can just put a large cabinet outside your house or behind your in-house kitchen. This small cabinet will be used for kitchen items and appliances such as traditional stoves, glasses, pan, bottles,  and decorations. Meanwhile, the bottom part is used to store some woods for firing materials. You actually built this small outdoor kitchen in your patio if you have one. This is not only cheap, but it is also easy to make. For additional value, you may add a hanging lamp just in case you want to use this kitchen at night for barbequing.

Outdoor Kitchen Décor with Clay Pizza Oven

Outdoor Kitchen Décor With Clay Pizza OvenSource: housebeautiful.com

It is a unique idea to have such an outdoor kitchen that is made from clay. This clay is applied to some parts of the kitchen. This is an extraordinary outdoor kitchen idea that nobody tries before. Simply, you can build a very large clay pizza open for a better taste. This clay material is a perfect choice just in case you dream of having a rustic and traditional outdoor kitchen. Meanwhile, you still use a modern stove that you install next to the oven along with a nice countertop for placing some kitchen items and decorations. You can also add a small sink so that you can wash the dishes after enjoying your barbecue.

Food Prep Station with Pergola

Food Prep Station With PergolaSource: housebeautiful.com

This actually resembles a small patio that is basically made from wood material. However, you use a large modern kitchen set that is made from stainless steel. This outdoor kitchen idea does not only look unique, but it also looks harmonious with the green environment. This outdoor kitchen is really built far from the house. Somehow, there are also some decorative items that you can add around the outdoor kitchen patio. You also must not forget to build a fixed dining table made from stones along with modern wooden chairs that are painted in the same accent.

Rustic Wood Kitchen with Stone Backdrop

Rustic Wood Kitchen With Stone Backdrop

Most outdoor kitchens are designed with a rustic concept. The rustic concept seems so perfect because it is easy to build. Now, you can try to build such nice outdoor food preparation which is basically affordable because it uses the stone material. Well, you can try to build such a stone backdrop that resembles original bricks. Somehow, you are no need to paint the backdrop to get the traditional value. Every corner of this outdoor kitchen is made from timber, except the small stove and the backsplash. You can use an acrylic material for the backsplash and you also can add an extra faucet if it is possible.

DIY Food Prep Station with Crate Shelving

DIY Food Prep Station With Crate Shelving

A crate shelf is easy to create because you only need to prepare some boards and build one. This is a really cool idea for a traditional outdoor kitchen idea if only you do not want to waste your money to buy modern shelving. After making the crate shelving, you can hang it on the wall. The wall itself is the outer part of your house in which you can put it behind your in-house kitchen. This crate shelf will be the place for your kitchen appliances such as glasses, cups, pans, and plates. Meanwhile, under the crate shelving itself is a rustic backsplash that is also made from wood, but you can paint it with a white accent.

Patio Kitchen with Bar, Sink, and Mini-Fridge

Patio Kitchen With Bar Sink And Mini FridgeSource: homedesignlover.com

Another cool outdoor kitchen idea is built in a large patio that is completed with multiple functions. In this case, you can build a small kitchen bar in your patio that is also completed with a sink and mini fridge. This can be a great choice if you want to make a modern outdoor kitchen with some expensive stuff. You can also apply a nice kitchen island which is made from shiny ceramic along with some bar stools. In the corner, you can put a LED TV hanged on the ceiling to enjoy foods while watching television. You must also remember to build a simple kitchen sink to wash the plates after the dinner.

Built-In Deck Countertop with Storage Shelves

Built In Deck Countertop With Storage Shelves

It is a perfect time to build a long outdoor kitchen to make your holiday more fun. This is a built-in deck countertop that looks extraordinary long as it is also combined with storage shelves. So, the countertop itself is made from the acrylic material while the storage shelves are built under the countertop. What is the storage shelf for? You do not need to build a cabinet anymore because this storage shelf can be used to store some kitchen appliances or some firing timbers. Meanwhile, the countertop is just a great idea to put some decorations and do your kitchen activities.

Stylish Outdoor Kitchen Designs with Bar

Stylish Outdoor Kitchen With Bar

Maybe, this outdoor kitchen idea becomes the most attractive one because it really resembles a real bar despite it is smaller. This mini kitchen bar really looks so stylish and it is totally built outside the house. Simply, you can utilize your kitchen window as a cabinet while the real cabinet is still inside the house. Thus, the outdoor part is completed with a small bar table along with three stools. Of course, you really want to apply this nice outdoor kitchen to your outdoor kitchen concept, but you have to prepare some items. Meanwhile, the accent selected is white to make the mini bar atmosphere look pure and elegant.

DIY Wood and Stone Food Prep Station

DIY Wood And Stone Food Prep StationSource: gardeningschool.org

Everything made from wood really looks attractive, especially if you apply the wood concept to kitchen space. It is not only cheap, but you can also make it so easily. This is a great choice for the best outdoor kitchen idea that you can build in your own ways. Simply, you just build a food preparation which uses the wood material. Just try to pick the small one and then combine it with modern stoves. Never forget to bring a real dining table along with the chairs so that you can direct enjoy the foods once you cook them. In this case, you can invite so many people to join the party without spending a lot of money.

Outdoor Kitchen with Built-In Grill and Sink

Outdoor Kitchen With Built In Grill And SinkSource: casatreschic.blogspot.com

An outdoor kitchen may need a sink and grill despite it is not a must. Somehow, the sink can add more value to your outdoor kitchen concept. First of all, you can build a countertop that is made from stones while you put the sink on it. The grill is just right beside the sink so that you can access it easily. It is just incredible to build this outdoor kitchen without roofing. Furthermore, you can also add a large dining table along with the chairs. You can prepare some wooden plates and spoons on the table just before you serve the foods.

Country Chic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Cupboards

Country Chic Outdoor Kitchen With CupboardsSource: 101recycledcrafts.com

This is an incredible outdoor kitchen idea that really looks so manly and resembles a modern bar despite the whole parts are made from wood. This country chic kitchen becomes so much perfect as you also put a large cupboard under the stove and sink. The sink is not too big, but it is functional with a modern faucet. The countertop is just rustic because it is made from wood while the ceiling looks so awesome as you also put some three hanging lamps. Basically, this kind of outdoor kitchen is not only used for barbeque, but you can also use it for daily kitchen activities.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Bar

DIY Reclaimed Wood Outdoor BarSource: iniwis.com

Why does everybody like a rustic concept for their outdoor kitchen? Of course, the first reason is due to the affordability and the second is due to the easiness when building an outdoor kitchen made of wood. Now, you can try a DIY reclaimed wood outdoor kitchen bar that looks so fantastic because every single part of the kitchen is made from timber. In addition, it is also not painted with a special accent and you just let the original accent be there in order to make it more traditional and elegant. Somehow, you also need to prepare some bar items such as stools, a TV, and other decorations.

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool Bar

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool BarSource: casepractice.ro

Can you build a huge outdoor kitchen that is completed with a pool? Finally, this concept becomes the most favorite one just in case you have some budgets because it must be very expensive. This amazing outdoor kitchen idea has a large kitchen island and countertop as if you are inside a real kitchen. Overall, the kitchen is fully designed as the original one, but it looks so different because it has no roofing. Meanwhile, there is also a small pool that can make this outdoor kitchen look more outstanding. It must be expensive to build this kind of outdoor kitchen as it also has a wonderful nature view.

Patio Kitchen and Living Room

Patio Kitchen And Living Room 1Source: enviola.com

If you want to build a romantic outdoor kitchen, you may use your patio to become dual functions. In this case, you can use it for cooking and it is also completed with an outdoor living room. You can just make a small patio and the put some kitchen appliances there. You can build the kitchen cabinet made from stone. Meanwhile, you also put a small living room table and the chairs. To add more value to its beauty, you can hang some small lamps on the patio ceiling. So, it will be so much perfect if you spend your night in your outdoor kitchen along with your friends or family.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas with Retractable Canopy

Outdoor Kitchen With Retractable CanopySource: blog.styleestate.com

Another cool outdoor kitchen brings a special concept using a retractable canopy. Basically, this outdoor kitchen is similar to others, but it looks more awesome when you put a retractable canopy at this kitchen. Meanwhile, you complete the kitchen with simple roofing frame made from wood. Then, you also can build a U shape cabinet with a neutral kitchen island and countertop. Still, you can use a modern stove to make it look more harmonious and classy. In addition, you also can add some decorations such as flowers, pottery, lamps, and kitchen islands.

Rustic Patio Kitchen and Bar

Rustic Patio Kitchen And BarSource: doordecorate.net

A rustic patio is very easy to build because you just make it using wood. Moreover, you also do not need to paint it. Of course, this will be a perfect choice for a rustic outdoor kitchen idea that brings a minibar concept. It really looks adorable and attractive when you can combine modern kinds of stuff and traditional items. You can complete it with some rattan chairs and a wooden table. Meanwhile, you also have a refrigerator to store some drinks as well as a modern stove for cooking. You must also not forget to provide stools in front of the serving table.

DIY Wood Pallet Sink and Prep Station

DIY Wood Pallet Sink And Prep StationSource: pinterest.com

Next, you can also try a simple outdoor kitchen idea that still looks so rustic thanks to its material used. You just use timbers to make such a small kitchen countertop and skin. This timber is used for the construction frame while you still use modern skin and rack. You can provide small storage under the countertop for keeping your kitchen items safe. Since this is simple and relatively small, you can actually move this parts as you wish. You can even put it inside your in-house kitchen after you use it. This is the best portable outdoor kitchen ever that you can try and make easily. Not only that, this simple outdoor kitchen material is also cheap.

Outdoor Bar with Retractable Windows

Outdoor Bar With Retractable Windows

You can provide a comfortable place to welcome your guests at home. You do not have to let them get inside your house, but you can actually use your outdoor kitchen. This outdoor kitchen really resembles a nice mini bar that is also completed with retractable windows. These windows will be closed when you do not use the mini bar. Meanwhile, you can put three stools on the outer parts. Everything is just easy to make because it is basically made from wood material. Then, you can also add some decorations to make it more valuable and you also do not need to paint the whole parts of the bar.

Slate and Stone Outdoor Kitchen Décor

Slate And Stone Outdoor Kitchen Décor

Everbody wants to have such a cozy outdoor kitchen that is made from unique materials. Now, you can try to build a nice outdoor kitchen using stone materials. This outdoor kitchen idea is a perfect option if you want to save money. You just need to prepare some stores and build the kitchen countertop and construction. Meanwhile, you still use modern kitchen appliances that you have just adjusted with the size. This kitchen really looks beautiful because it has a nice view directly to nature.

Stone Bar with Grill and Fire Pit

Stone Bar With Grill And Fire Pit

Another simple outdoor kitchen idea is made from stone, but it has a different concept. At this time, you only have to build such a mini bar that is totally constructed from stones. Moreover, you also have a grill and fire pit to support your cooking activity. This may look so rustic, but it is still amazing because you use some modern items too. Next, you can also add more decorations or the most important part is the roofing just in case the rain comes.

Shabby Chic Outdoor Prep Station with Sink

Shabby Chic Outdoor Prep Station With Sink

It is a simple concept, but it can make you amazed. In a glimpse, this outdoor kitchen really looks so dirty, but it is actually attractive because you use some decorative items. It is like a traditional kitchen that you build from cheap things.

You only need to prepare some boards and make a small countertop with a little touch. You can also put a small rack on the wall to keep your plates safe. Meanwhile, you can also build a cabinet under the countertop without a door.

Food Prep Station with Wood Storage

Food Prep Station With Wood Storage

A kitchen always needs storage to keep the kitchen appliances safe. But, you do not have to build one that is made from the modern material. Simply, you can build wood storage and then you just paint it in black accent. The wood storage does not always use doors, because you just let it open. You may try this nice outdoor kitchen idea if you have no money to buy modern storage. It will still be perfect because you complete the kitchen with some nice items.

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Outdoor Bar with Built-In Grill

Outdoor Bar With Built In GrillSource: bhg.com

An outdoor mini bar can be a good place to spend your day along with your family while barbequing. You can build such an outdoor kitchen with a minibar concept and then you also use a built-in grill to make it more customizable. The beauty of this outdoor kitchen ideas is not coming from its kitchen appliance, but it comes from the decorations around the kitchen.

Source: https://lezgetreal.com/outdoor-kitchen-ideas/

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