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Exterior Home Ideas for Seniors Aging in Place Are you a DIYer looking to sharpen your skills, looking for solutions for home improvement issues, getting advice when needing to hire a contractor, and staying up to date on the latest the industry has to offer on news and trends? You are in the right place Welcome to Discover Your Home with your host, Mark Lotz

Hey good evening everybody Mark here from Discover Your Home Thank you again for joining me here this Thursday evening here in the Chicagoland area A beautiful spring brisk spring evening and I want to thank you guys for joining me tonight Today we're going to talk a little bit about what we call in the remodeling industry is Hey, @Concord

Thank you for joining us Aging-in-place and it's really just a phrase that was coined in our industry to talk about since we have a large segment of our populus that is getting a little bit older and that's a good thing, right? We have that or the alternative and so we want to be able to stay in our home as long as physically possible and I see a lot of it with our customers that they love their home, it's where they raise their children and shared memories with friends and neighbors, and built a lot of relationships there And heartbreak and all the things that go in life and it's a part of them It's not just a building that houses them for their basic needs Even though it does that, it's much more than that

It's a place where as they say, memories are built So, what can we do to make your life a little bit more convenient and a little bit easier and a little bit safer So I'm going to give a couple of tips tonight on what we recommend to our customers and some of the things that we see in the marketplace that are out there when our customers are getting up there in the years And some of this I can attest to from for safety purposes We talked a little bit about grab bars and slip resistant materials for flooring and things of that nature

I broke my leg last year and hobbling around on crutches and then a cast You know, your worldview kind of changes because you break your leg at 19, it's a little different than when you break your leg at 50 You’re not quite as mobile or nimble, at least I'm not nearly as nimble as I was when I was 19 So, let's talk a little bit about some things that we can start off that will help you stay in your home longer, help you have a little bit more convenient life, have a safer home So, let's start at the front door

A lot of homes don't have this but I always try to recommend, especially if you don't feel comfortable answering your front door Either one of you guys, your husband can go ahead and put in a little peephole there or have a handyman come by Drill a hole up, put a little peephole in the front door That's really kind of nice You can also do security cameras outside the front door

They have some very cost-effective systems out there where come to the door and the camera will go on I think there's also a system called Ring that's out there that will ring the doorbell and it actually sends a… it calls your phone and basically, you answer back and through your phone and you could be somewhere else, not even actually in the home So, it just shows that these are little features that can help add convenience and safety to your life So those are three things that we haven't gone inside the home So, I'm starting at the front door

Also, let's make sure we're putting our exterior lights on timers or motion sensors, somewhere where the lights are going on and off in case you guys are not at home and you don't have somebody checking in on your home or the neighbour is away or whatever It certainly doesn't hurt to have your lights on either a timer or motion detector We do watch a couple of homes for customers and the one thing that I noticed, and I'm really in tune when I go through a neighborhood, if I see four, five, six newspapers in the driveway, that tells me that somebody's not around to pick them up or somebody's not getting out of the house possibly So, just the signal there to you So, that's kind of the safety aspect

Now, let's talk a little bit about maybe moving into the front, into the house Going from your egress from the garage into the house or from the front door or even from say your patio Consider possibly putting in a ramp with slip resistant material or possibly having concrete work done or brick paver work done so you have access, a little bit greater access instead of just stairs So, I find a lot of my more seasoned customers are doing this, probably more so in their garage, because when they pull in the garage, everything's nice and dry Loading those bags of food and foodstuffs into the house, it's a little easier to kind of go off the ramp as opposed to stepping up those couple of stairs into generally your laundry area or possibly directly into your kitchen

Let's see, no slip materials in your garage They make quite a bit that's out there where there's aggregate or flakes in material, there are polyaspartic coatings or epoxy coatings if you want to kind of make a more decorative look It certainly would really just add to not only the look of your home but also the safety of your home, especially we want to make sure, especially in this northern region… @Val, how are you tonight? …especially wintertime because we get a lot of snow, sits on your concrete and it can get really slippery So, we want to make sure that we're putting down slip resistant coatings Also say in your shower if you're looking to stay a little bit longer, we are in the midst of doing a project right now that couple is in their early 60s but they know that they want to stay as long as possible

Putting in a curbless shower Really a great idea, making access We're going to put in a walk-in shower with a shower wand, a rain head, access to be able to if at some point in time the homeowner needs a walker or wheelchair, to have access into the room So, having that curbless shower would be nice, you wouldn’t have to go over a curb, usually a have a trenchless a trench area Very expensive though not in all cases

I guess define expensive It really depends on what your plans are There are some materials out there that are ready-made that you can easily put in and they're pretty cost effective There’s what we call a poured shower pan, more expensive than say a standard fiberglass tub or base, absolutely but there again, we're talking about staying in your home as long as possible So, hey @Alexis, how are you tonight? Hopefully all things are well

Yes, they are different It's not the same animal but there again, I'm looking for you to stay in your home as long possible Hey @silentpartner88, how are you tonight? And also that the tile industry gives a slip resistance number to how they measure the resistance of you walking on types of tile Some that are much more higher number than… no I try to stay off as many roofs as possible I’ve been on quite a few so thank you So, in the industry, there's what they call the dynamic coefficient of friction

So, the higher the number, the better So, the more friction that you get on your feet, the greater chance of you not slipping And there's a great need for modifying grab bars, things of that nature will really make a difference Like I said, I broke my leg last year and I do not have a grab bar in my shower The access to my shower, definitely when I go to reconfigure my bathroom, will definitely be in mind because there again, I'm planning to want to stay in my home as long as possible

Because that's kind of what we're talking about tonight, is being able to stay as long as possible I think it's very important …I told a story earlier tonight about a couple that I had done work for that were in their early 80s and decided that they wanted to stay in their home, so converted their living room, first floor living room into their master bedroom and bath, and they left the bedroom upstairs because they had a flight of 13 stairs to go up And they decided that it was no longer feasible for them to do so So, they decided to convert that big living room area of which they really didn't quite utilize into a full-size master bedroom and master bath And I haven't followed up with him, that was many years ago but it was great to see because they were a loving couple that really want to stay in the place that they raised their children, they saw their grandchildren being raised, and was vitally important

Yeah it is important because look as I said earlier tonight, it's not just about your home, it's really about the things that happen in your home The relationships, the things that have gone on, the memories that have been shared, the good, the bad, the ugly So, I think I pretty much covered everything We talked a little bit about maybe also areas that possibly in your shower, putting a seat bench in They also have some nice seat benches that are actually more like stools that you can just slide back and forth

I'm trying to think I think Sterling which is a division of Kohler is where we put in for a customer And I sat on it I'm not a small potato So certainly, I sat on it

I wanted to see the stability of it being a larger guy, to feel how secure it is and how it feels, say if you're in a situation in a shower with the soap and it gets a little slippery, those are certainly things that you can utilize and use in your bathroom area Comfort height toilets, they’re just a little bit taller We find that a lot of our customers are moving towards those So, these are a couple of little items that I'm going to suggest that you put in your home if you've been there 10, 15, 20 years I've been in my home at least 20 years

Right now, I’m in a project where a homeowner has been in their house for 25 years People have been there, they want to stay there, they got great neighbors, they love the neighborhood, they know where the grocery stores are No, they don't In fact, there are some beautiful ones we just installed for a customer and they were by Moen and they were very ornate Looks really great

They were not not commercial like So, I would agree with that statement There's a lot out there that's available Look around Moen carries quite a bit I also believe Delta does a nice job that carries it

Hey lady Bex, thank you for joining us I appreciate that So, I think that pretty much ends up Aging in Place and some of the convenience and safety that we can offer I'm not a 100 percent sure on that but I know there are some ways to some insurances I think long term care insurance will take care of some of these items

Not 100 percent sure Check with your carrier, that's all I can tell you Honestly, it's one of those things …read the fine print So, I want to thank everybody for joining me tonight, and all of you ladies out there, I would wish you a Happy Mother's Day If you’re a mom or your soon-to-be mom, we appreciate it and that you guys have a wonderful weekend

Hopefully, it’s a beautiful time this weekend for you moms out there so if you're not a mom, go hug your mom Have yourself a great evening Again, I'm Mark from Discover Your Home Have yourself a great evening Thanks again

Goodnight Thanks so much for listening to this episode of Discover your Home with your host, Mark Lotz online at LotzRemodelingcom That's LotzRemodelingcom and on Twitter and Facebook LotzRemodeling We'll catch you next time

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