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Controlling Dust When Remodeling and Painting | Home Remodeling Contractors in Naperville IL

[ intro music ] I want to talk to you about having a successful great livable remodel And what I mean by that is most folks that are doing work in their home and let’s say remodel your kitchen or bathroom

You want to realize that you're going to have to kind of live within the confines of your home Most people live within that remodeling process So what we try to do and what we want you to do is have a very successful remodel And that really gets back to kind of managing the project, the site management of a project, and that really is kind of talking about containing dust and any sort of contaminants So, let's first talk about how we're going to contain that dust

What we generally like to use and start off with is the old zip wall system It’s been around oh, I’m going to guess, 20-25 years, maybe not that long It is a pull system that’s driven It’s got a piston here like a shock absorber What you do here is you locate your plastic within this [get this bad boy open here] What you do is slip your plastic in here, it’s a foldable plastic, kind of a heavier-duty, like a three mil plastic, almost like a thickness of a kind of a heavy construction grade garbage bag

So, put it up in the room Let's just say you have to cover one wall We start from one side to another That's just this We're going to show you how to setup a zip wall, and how to kind of get yourself prepared for that livable remodel

We're going to put that over to the side here And in that zip wall system, they have a couple things that you can use, what they called zip doors which is kind of nice Within that plastic structure, you can attach this It's got some mastic in here like a tape that you can apply it And simply, this is generally for the doorway itself where we can just tape it off to a doorway if you want to close the doorway opening, or you can put this within the framework of the plastic

So, you can have access – you, your contractors, whoever – in and out of that project, and at the end of the night, you can zip it down and have it closed or say, when there's a lot of work going on and a lot of dust, say ripping out your backsplash or your tile floor, you’d be surprised I on how much dust is being taken out This will keep that dust really contained in the area that you're working in So, I’m going to toss that to the side Another thing we like to do, we like to cover all the air returns and the vents in the area so no dust goes floating into the ducts and then you have to have your ducts clean and stuff So we try to minimize dust as much as possible

So, that's really kind of, we’ve contained it Now we're going to talk about surface protection and then we're going to talk about using a dust control system So let's talk first about what we use to cover certain items Let's just say you're going to go ahead and you're going to remodel your kitchen okay, and you have a little family room next door right next adjacent to the kitchen What we highly recommend is this real lightweight, 3/10th of a mil or whatever

Real lightweight plastic here It clings to just about everything Sometimes, with the static electricity, you can almost get it to cling to a wall Does a great job Easy on

You can put it on, throw it off Pretty inexpensive Definitely it’s something you're going to want to go ahead go ahead and use for your furniture, possibly some light fixtures We've got a product that we’re actually kind of developing to work with covering some light fixtures So, that's another great little product

I see Hannah has joined us Thank you, Hannah Who else is out there? Elizabeth Let's see Well thank you Elizabeth, I appreciate that

So, that's that product Now, if we're going to go ahead and cover the surface of let's say tile, granite or quartz countertops, and we're just looking to cover it, keep dust off of it when you're working around it, this is a great product This is an all surface protection It comes in a color green so you can kind of notice it when you're walking You can walk on it

You know, it doesn't get slippery, it keeps a nice tack but when you pull it up it doesn't leave a residue Great product There’s some other stuff that’s out in the marketplace but we generally like to use this Really, after things, let's say you're going to install, let's say you go ahead and get your cabinets installed in your kitchen and then you put your countertop on and you know you got to do some painting or some backsplash work, this is great It sticks real well, holds up, pretty doggone durable great for that surface

Also, this makes a great drop cloth Don't pull it up and then when you're done painting, doing all your stuff, you just pull it up and throw it out Here's another cost-effective product that I recommend in certain respect It’s the old red rosin paper You can buy it just about anywhere

you can buy it in the local hardware store Comes in I think 36-inch width and I will say about 28 We chop it down in half because we like to run the perimeter of the room Say, we’re spraying the baseboard, it's just a nice shield for us to go ahead and spray What I do like about the product and it is very, very cost-effective

What I don't necessarily love about the product is wintertime, springtime, you’ve got a little rain, you'll get real easy tears in it so you got to tape it back down So, you're going to make a little bit more work for yourself You're going to save yourself some money on the front end as far as the product goes but you are going to spend a little more time on kind of managing your floor cover systems Now, let's go to what we like to use It’s a fabric

I don’t know exactly how to describe it Let me get out here It’s a fabric with kind of a real light mastic on the bottom, and the bottom is, it's kind of a lightweight, I don't know if we call it a polystyrene, but it's got a real shiny top to it so you can walk on it It will resist water, resist paint Comes in a hundred-foot roll

I don't know pricing wise what these guys run It’s kind of special or you can't find this just about anywhere You have to look, there are companies out there that sell specifically products like this It's a little bit pricier but I'm going to tell you what You're going to save time in installation, because if you don't use this, you’re going to use probably a compression board which is great

It's a little bit more cost effective but it does take a little bit more time to lay down This kind of rolls off We tape the seams up, tape them together, in a four-inch, I don’t know if that’s four-inch, three-inch tape there Tape the seams down Lay this down nice

You can reuse this, clean it up, the surface One thing about this, before you put this down, definitely make sure the floor is kind of not necessarily dust free but sweep the floor and then make sure it's dry Then go ahead and apply because it can hold the moisture and it does a really good job of sticking to the floor We don't want any additional moisture trapped under the surface Let's see, what else we got here? I'm going to drop this so if you hear a thump… There you go Our last surface covering is… this is like fly paper, it sticks to everything

We use this for stairs and carpeting Well, carpet on stairs, I should say Sticks great A lot of times we’re not working in carpet areas and let’s just say you've got go from the garage up to the upstairs bathroom This is great that to roll this all out and make a nice path back to the work area

You see a lot of this in say new construction homes that are up for sale when they have people coming through their home So, this is really surface protection I kind of gave you a quick run through with this product and everything kind of wraps up with my favorite, one of my new favorite tools We've had this for a couple years and actually, I’m going to tell you a quick story They called, I was looking for something that contains dust

Dust drives me crazy I know it drives customers crazy You don't realize how much happens when you're out there So, I called on this company, a local company The product is called, give me a second here

The product is called Build Clean It's a dust control system I’m going to put this up here Looks kind of big It's not

I affectionately call it Big Red It’s a great tool Let me tell you a little bit about it It is about 35 pounds It has basically adjustable settings here – low, medium and high

And then there’s auto, it will cycle up and cycle down There are two filters There's a coarse filter and a fine filter on this What this does, it will move a lot of air in your workspace out of there In fact, it says that it will move 6,000 cubic square feet of air in a room six times an hour

So, roughly the size of a two-car garage with a 10-foot high ceiling, the air is being changed out six times in one hour Great, great, tool When I called on the company, they let us try it out and I'll tell you it was fabulous We did a remodeling project in the city of Chicago where we had to tear out two sets of stairs, and the beauty of it was, never used it before We put up our zip walls, we contained everything and I'll tell you, it was a plaster project

t I've never seen more dust in one small area and the stair contractor thanked us for having two of these on the project because it really did take and clean up the air And I'm going to tell you, when you try to kind of live with it, if you got a severe asthmatic in your home or someone that gets irritated by dust, great, great, tool So, these are some things you can have Now, this is something you probably will find at a rental place It’s called an air scrubber

This is a Build Clean dust control system that we like to use So, if you're not doing the work, just make sure whoever is doing the work for you has kind of these measures put in place so you have a successful livable remodel Thanks again for joining us at Discover your Home We’ll see you guys next week Thanks again

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