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Basement Remodeling Ideas Are you a DIYer looking to sharpen your skills, looking for solutions for home improvement issues, getting advice when needing to hire a contractor, and staying up to date on the latest the industry has to offer on news and trends? You are in the right place Welcome to Discover Your Home with your host, Mark Lotz

Hey, good evening everybody Mark here at Discover Your Home Thanks again for joining us and tonight I am going to talk a little bit about some items or some suggestions that you could do to your basement to one, make it a little bit more family-friendly or really be able to utilize the space a little bit more And it depends upon the cycle of your life of where you're at in the whole scheme of things So, I find with younger homeowners, we got two or three kids and where do you want to put them? We’re going to put them in the basement because it's not really, you know we haven't done anything to it, it's unfinished and we want to kind of do some things to really make it pop And the families are changing

We've got situations where kids are moving back in and mother and father-in-law moving back in due to death and illness or something of that sort So, there's a lot of different changing situations for folks So, there's some things here that we can make some suggestions under possibly helping you and turning around You know, we find that a lot of times that basements are totally unutilized They just don't get kind of there… you got say a 2000 square-foot house and you get a thousand square-foot first floor and a thousand square feet of basement space, roughly

It's nice to have, it's nice to be able to utilize it and really kind of pull from it to put extra space, whether it's an entertaining area, it's an extra basement or two, an office down there You know, a lot of space can be utilized You make yourselves an extra bedroom for maybe the college kids are coming back or you need it, just you've got somebody staying with you short-term You know, it just depends really on what your needs are We find that a lot of times, especially in the Chicagoland area, you're going to find homes that have basements that have water issues in either seepage or when you get the hundred-year flood like we've had lately

We had a pretty nice set of rain here probably the last two weeks and you're going to have flooding basements I'm going to give you a couple of suggestions on what you might want to do there and ways to not necessarily spend a king's ransom but a way to kind of furnish your basement in a very minimalistic way, but really get big results, especially when you want the kids and you take that old sofa, throw it downstairs, stick a TV on the wall For me, I have boys That worked out great All their friends would pile downstairs and run around and do their stuff

So, what I'm going to suggest on say in a very cost-effective way, because if you're going to do a full-blown basement, it can run tens of thousands of dollars between drop ceilings, electrical, framing, plumbing etc etc etc So, let's just look at a basement that right now is empty, and then you've got probably some furniture and some boxes down there What I'm going to recommend is a couple things and I recommend this to many of my clients that don't want to spend a lot of money but they really want to be able to enhance the look of their basement First, I always tell them when you have the floor joist above you, a lot of times you put drop ceilings or drywall up there What I'm going to suggest here is either yourself, depending upon how handy you are, or have a contractor to come in and spray those joists with a dark color like a black

It creates a void and then put your lighting down below there So, you can put in some nice LED lighting, some strip lighting, or even trying to think of track lighting would be a good one where it's down and above it is black You'll see it in commercial settings so it creates a void It's a real cost effective way to approach a basement without there again spending a lot of money but wanting to be able to kind of freshen it up and give it a place that you feel like you can go down there It's just not this dark, dank place that nobody wants to go into

Secondly, this is kind of twofold You can use a masonry coating on the walls in case you have some issues with any sort of seepage or whatever Something to seal up the walls Usually, it comes in a white, just paint the walls white You can paint it in another color

Leave the concrete, just with the white on there alone, or there again, freshen it up with a little bit of color to the concrete and you'd be surprised there again, you don't have to put in drywall walls You can run some electric and they'll have to be done accordingly, you know drop down through conduit and boxes and stuff It'll give it more of an industrial feel So, you want to go that route, that's a really great way to just kind of brighten the room up Because as you notice if you go down in your basement right now, it's probably if it's unfinished, it's probably pretty dark down there

There's usually only those little plastic ceramic light fixtures that they put in there, probably two or three of them in your whole basement So, that would be a great opportunity to put in natural light Also, while you're down there, clean out your window wells One, they get really dirty and you can get a little bit extra natural light coming in through those window wells, so this is if you have a basement And finally, enough on the flooring aspect of it, and this is one thing that I try to talk a lot of customers into just because if they've had problems with water in their basement

Because if you've had water in your basement and put up your hands out there, you know what that looks like You've got to cut out drywall, you got to get it all dried out, you got to tear up the rugs, if it gets under the tile flooring, you’ve got to tear up the tile flooring I've been in many of these basements It can be an absolute nightmare and it's very time-consuming If you've got a fully finished basement, it can be a little bit of a pain

So, I'd recommend something to my customers that we recommend This is a typical polyaspartic floor coating It's generally used for garage floors It's just as tough as nails, I mean, you can put a four, five thousand-pound vehicle on this every day in and out and it holds up This is a great way to finish a floor

It’s inexpensive when it comes to having to tear something else out It can be a little pricey to put down but I'll tell you what, and this is just a multi fleck approach They also do like kind of an acid stain where they can make it a little bit more decorative, and honestly, I'll tell you what, it really does look good You'll see that type of finish in some of your high-end food stores, and you'll see it where they kind of acid stained it They put a clear over it and it really just gives a really kind of nice look to it, and they can do designs and they can kind of make it look like wood, and I mean they get kind of crazy

But the great thing is, when that floor is applied, they grind the floor and this is attached to the concrete floor This is not coming off so you don't have to worry about peeling this up when it's raining and you got six inches of water in your basement You don't have to worry about this coming up All you have to do is get it mopped up, cleaned up and you're done And then you can move furniture around and do whatever else you have to

So, this is a nice alternative I would say price-wise, very competitive If you were to put a tiled floor, a porcelain tiled floor in your basement per square-foot Check with your contractor or just start looking around, but they do have many opportunities for this type of product and different variations of style with this type of product that you can put in your basement At first it may not seem cost-effective but I'll tell you what, if you find that you have rain and you get a little bit of water in your basement, you're going to be thrilled to death that you've done so because now you don't have to be messing with that tear up, even though the insurance companies will probably cover it

Who knows, maybe they won't, but do you really want to go through the hassle of it? That's the question A couple of other items I find that some of my clients that enjoy wine will put a nice beautiful wine cellar down in the basement or wine cabinets We've done some great home offices in the basement so really get out there and utilize that basement space I mean you've got all this wonderful space underneath you, maybe it's time, it's springtime now, maybe it's time to do that spring cleaning, get some boxes, get some stuff out of there, kind of start putting a little vision to what you want that basement to look like

And like I said, if you've got some kids and stuff and you want an extra place for them to go, especially in the middle of Chicago winters, it's great to have the kids over, or friends or relatives down in the basement, and it certainly will maybe give you a little peace of mind that they're at your home and they're enjoying your home So, I think that's about it and hey, I just want to thank you for joining me here tonight at Discover Your Home I’m Mark and have yourself a wonderful evening and a great weekend Thanks again I'll talk to you soon Thanks so much for listening to this episode of Discover your Home with your host, Mark Lotz online at LotzRemodeling

com That's LotzRemodelingcom and on Twitter and Facebook LotzRemodeling We'll catch you next time

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