Friday, 26 February 2021

City Issues Permits for Alterations, Addition To Commercial Buildings

The Washington Building Department issued six permits for single-family homes in June, matching the previous month, according to the monthly report.

The estimated construction cost for the homes is $1,530,000, compared to the estimated cost of $1,007,001 in May.

In June, the city issued on commercial addition permit for Scheer Lawn & Landscape, 477 WW Industrial Park, for a new building to be located behind its current building. The estimated construction costs are $250,000.

There were four permits for commercial alterations issued last month, including the Bank of Washington for foundation repair, $16,757; Loyal Bella for remodeling to open a “doggy treat” kitchen, $5,000; Washington Middle School to replace the HVAC system, $522,696; and Trilogy Analytical to replace a cooling tower, $37,000.

In all, there were 125 permits issued in June totalling $2,602,862 in estimated construction costs. That is the same number of permits issued last month when the estimated construction costs was $2,903,288.

Listed below is a breakdown of the types of projects, number of permits issued and estimated construction costs for those projects:

Boundary adjustment, one;

Commercial addition, one, $250,000;

Commercial alteration, four, $581,453;

Deck, four, $41,344;

Electrical service, one, $500;

Fireworks, one, $15,000;

Industrial alteration, one, $30,000;

Mobile home setup, one, $3,500;

Commercial occupancy, four;

Multifamily occupancy, 16;

Single-family occupancy, 49;

Two-family occupancy, 12;

Preliminary plat, two;

Residential addition, one, $50,000;

Residential alteration, three, $71,750;

Single-family building, six, $1,530,000;

Sign, seven, $22,315;

Special use, one;

Street excavation, one;

Swimming pool, one, $7,000;

Sewer lateral/repair, one;

Voluntary annexation, two; and

Variance, one.


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