Friday, 30 October 2020

Home Repair & Remodeling : How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson I'm going to talk to you about how to survive a kitchen remodel And one thing to keep in mind that when you remodel your kitchen or any remodeling job in your house, usually it takes a little bit longer than what you plan it to

So always keep that in mind when you take your first approach Now in surviving a kitchen remodel the better plan that you do on the front end, then the better it's going to go as you go through the process Now first thing is that when you actually get in to the remodel you want to try to isolate your room as much as you can by hanging plastic over all the openings so that you can limit any dust and debris from demolition within the kitchen area that you're working with Now also you have to keep in mind that as you go through certain stages, particularly when you're replacing cabinet, replacing appliances, that you're going to be without this area to use for a while So, you may want to work with your contractor to set up a temporary location for perhaps a range, your refrigerator, so that you can still have use of those items even while you're waiting for the new ones to be installed

Now most ranges require special electrical so that is something that's going to have to be taken in to consideration when you do that The things that you want to do is when you're working with your contractor make sure that you have a contract in place that specifies exactly what they're going to be doing and then you also want to make sure you've got well established work hours so you know when the contractors are going to set up, what time they're going to be working and when they're going to be completing each day So as you do that and as you keep in mind that as you go through different aspects, you're going to have to plan ahead so plan ahead for since this is the area where your meals are prepared you may need to prepare some meals in advance, you may need to plan on a few nights out or actually eating with friends But if you work with your contractor and your professionals you can get a pretty good idea how long these remodels will last and just as long with proper planning and to make sure you put some things in place, then you should be able to get through those kitchen remodels ok

So I'm Tim Gipson and that's how to survive a kitchen remodel

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