Friday, 23 October 2020

Home Repair & Remodeling : How to Select Roofing

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to select roofing Now predominantly mostly what you see on houses is a fiber glass shingle type of roofing, but also there are metal roofings and tile roofings

And so in selecting your roofing it's really going to depend on the type of style that is predominant in your area or whether maybe it's not predominant but you're looking for a unique look So in this case, we're going to talk primarily about fiber glass shingles And even with fiber glass shingles there are some things to consider Now you have your standard fiber glass shingle roofing or you have something like this up here on this particular roof where you see it's called a dimensional roofing Dimensional roofing is becoming popular and it's becoming a what we call more of a higher end look for your home roofing

Now some general rules to consider when you're choosing the color or the shade of your roofing is that typically if you have a lighter shade bricking or siding on your house then you don't want to go for a high contrast where you have a really dark roof or you go with something that is a lighter shade to approximate the lighter shade of your siding If you have a lighter tone shading then you're going to see more or less a lighter shade to your roof, say a light brown or a light gray tone But one thing when you're picking your roofing is that you want to coordinate it with the colors of your house So you want to look at the colors of your brick, you want to look at the colors of your trim and the color of your gutter system And you want to make sure that those coordinate with those tile well together

In some cases you may want to consult an architect or a design professional to give you some ideas Also a good way to get some ideas on what color roofing when you're going to replace your roofing or put a new roofing system in place, is go and look at some model homes in your area and those have always been professionally designed to provide the most appeal in a contemporary field So if you go and look at those it'll give you some good ideas on what to do with your own roofing So I'm Tim Gipson with how to choose roofing

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