Saturday, 5 December 2020

Home Repair & Remodeling : How to Repair a Cartridge Faucet

Hi! I'm Tim Gipson and I am going to talk to you about how to repair a cartridge faucet Now, what you are going to need in order to do this is you're going to need a large crescent wrench and you are also going to need an allen wrench set

Then, it's also good to have some kind of a grip material, depending on what type of faucet you are pulling off We are going to be looking at a kitchen faucet here Now my first step will be to go down below and open your cabinet and to turn off both the hot and the cold water Then once I have turned those off then I want to turn my faucet on to relieve any pressure in the system Then once I've done that, then I can take my allen wrench set and chose the right allen wrench

There will be a tabbed access in this handle and usually it is what has your red and blue on it which is your hot and cold indicator so you pull that out and then loosen this and your top handle comes off Now with this faucet, we have to take off this outer shell Some thing good to grip with, this is a carpet pad that has an anti-slip and it allows you to get a good grip on this so we can loosen this up and this twists off Then you can get to the brass mechanism here This is where you are going to need your crescent wrench

There are some flat surfaces on here and you loosen this up and once you loosen it, this will come out and then your cartridge assembly will come right out Now, depending on your type of faucet, you can have different types of retaining mechanisms but you can always go online, look for that faucet manufacturer and a lot of times they'll have their instructions on how to replace those cartridges on there So now all I can do is I can take this cartridge and I can take it to my local hardware store or home improvement store and then find a replacement for it When I am ready to go, we'll just reverse the installation These have some lock-in tabs for these to go in and we'll put everything back

Now, once I get everything back together, we'll want to tighten this up, turn our supply lines back on and then we want to check the faucet and we want check for leaks I'm Tim Gipson and that is how you want to replace a cartridge type assembly on your faucet

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