Monday, 18 January 2021

Home Repair & Maintenance : How to Use a Caulking Gun

My name's Ryan Parker with Parker Home Renovation in New Braunfels, Texas and today I'm going to teach you use a caulk gun You may need to use a caulk gun if you plan to caulk around a bathtub or a sink or a, any kind of corners

Now the first thing you're going to need to do is you need to go down to the hardware store, any local hardware store, and find the correct kind of caulk or silicone that you're going to use In this case, I'm going to use a white silicone Then you'll need your caulk gun such as this and what you'll do is you'll get your caulk, and if your caulk gun has a spout cutter already, you can stick the end of the tube in the spout cutter and actually just cut it off Then you'll want to turn the puncture pin on the end, puncture a hole in the end of the caulk, then you'll want to push this little button on the back and pull, pull it out and slide your caulk in Then you pump it until there's tension on the tube

Then what you'll do is you'll actually start, apply pressure to the caulk gun, and then you just run a nice smooth bead down on whatever you plan on caulking When you're done, you in the button on the back, pull it out, slide your caulk out, and you're done Now make sure you clean your application before you caulk it, that way the caulk adheres to it

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