Friday, 15 January 2021

Home Repair & Maintenance : How to Hire an Electrician

My name is Ryan Parker with Parker Home Renovations in new Braunfels, Texas Today I'm going to teach you how to hire an electrician

If you have any type of electrical trouble around the house or if you have any fixtures that you may want to change you may have to hire an electrician The first thing you want to know about an electrician is that they have to be licensed and they have to be insured So the first thing you want to do is you want to go into your phone book and you want to find a couple different electricians that you can call around and ask them what their time frame is like Hopefully they will be able to get the job done within the time you want it done That may narrow down your choices there

Then you want to get references from those electricians and you want to call the references and ask them what type of work that electrician does and what kind of person that electrician is You ask the electrician for proof of insurance and proof of a license Then you want to set up a meeting with the electrician to come out and look at your job so he can give you a written estimate Always get a written estimate signed by the electrician and that kind of holds them to the numbers a little bit more Once you hire an electrician you will want to sign a contract with him stating the price and the time frame and a little bit of the scope of work that you want done

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