Thursday, 3 December 2020

Home Construction & Remodeling : How to Join Crown Molding

Hi I'm Tim Gipson I'm going to talk to you about how to join crown molding Now if we have very large rooms that we are doing, that exceed the length of the crown molding that we have then we very easily can cut a forty five degree angle to join and extend the crown molding

So once I have my measurements I have a just a sample piece of crown molding here Now when we are setting up crown molding and we are doing the joints, we got to keep in mind that we are, we have to join the joints based on how it installs up against the wall So in this case we use our back fence to approximate the ceiling and the base would represent the wall So we want to set our crown molding in here And we want to set our compound miter saw at a forty five degree angle

And then we simply can make the cut And also it's very important when ever we are using power tools doing any kind of cutting or drilling you want to make sure you have your safety glasses in place So as you can see here, I've cut these two pieces and of course since this was cut from the same piece you know they are going to math up But so again if we use this, where the back fence is our ceiling and the base is our wall now we'll be able to slide the two pieces of molding together and so that they form a good joint And when you do this you should be able to get a joint where you won't see the line, a little bit of caulking and just a little bit of light sanding in that area will make that disappear

And that's all there is to it in joining crown molding So I'm Tim Gipson and that's how to join crown molding

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