Saturday, 27 February 2021

Home Construction & Remodeling : How to Hang Drapes

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to hang drapes Now, hanging drapes is a fairly easy process

You just need to know a few things as far as how to position your attach points or your rods or your hanging mechanisms, depending on the style of your drape Now, what you'll need to hang drapes is you'll need a drill, probably some anchors, screws for any of the attaching hardware, and you'll need a tape measure, and probably a step stool in some cases And typically a Phillips head screw driver is the only screwdriver you'll need for doing this Now, most of your curtains come in eighty four inch length curtains So, when we're hanging these, what we want to do is we want to look at the top of the curtain here

Now, these particular curtains up here that have been hung have a grommet So, we want the center of this pole where our pole goes through that grommet So, if we measure the center of that grommet's about an inch and three quarters from the top of the curtain which means we want the center of this pole, if the curtains are just hanging right at the floor level, which is where you want your curtains Most curtains are going to hang right at the floor level, bottom end So, in this case we want the bottom edge of the curtain to be right at the floor

So, if take off that inch and three quarter from eighty four then we know we want the center of our rod right at eighty one and a quarter inches So, that would be the center of our bracket here So, what we want to do is we want to measure the center bracket and we would actually on the attach points for the bracket Now, this is about a two and three quarter inch bracket So, we're going to mark the middle of that bracket on the other side and then we're going to measure up for the top screw location and down for the bottom screw location

We'll transfer those measurements to the wall, drill a couple holes, and if we don't hit a stud we're going to put our anchors in Then you can locate this bracket and install your screws But, if everything is lined up, so that you're right to the center and all your measurements come off the center of your rod and where it sits on this bracket Then you'll be able to hang these Now, most of your curtains that are hung with rod will have a set screw that's in the bottom of the bracket

So, if anything you want to be a little bit low on your brackets when you hang them because then with this set screw we can actually raise the rod to get to the right height So, this some adjustments that you can make So, I'm Tim Gipson and how to install drapes

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