Friday, 23 October 2020

Bathroom Remodeling & Home Improvement Repairs : Bathroom Paint Removal & Clean Up

Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village In this video clip we will be touching up our bathroom

Another great way to really make your bathroom looking a lot nicer for a very cheap price is to clean up all the edges where you might have little bits of paint that have been accidentally painted onto a counter top The first methods I'm going to use is to use a little bit of lacquer thinner on a q-tip and go ahead and rub that on the paint and that's going to break down that paint and just get that loose Come back with a towel and wipe that off and you want to be real careful that you don't get the lacquer thinner on your walls or your painted surfaces If you don't like using chemicals, another way to get that paint off is just to take a razor blade and gently scrape that paint until that comes right off Now you probably don't want to use lacquer thinner on woodwork because it would take the finish off

So you just want to be real careful with what you're actually using this on The next way to make our bathroom woodwork look a little bit better is just to take a rag with some warm water and mild detergent and just wipe down all of the woodwork Now, this is going to kind of help shine up that woodwork and it's going to make it look a little bit cleaner Next I'll just be using a furniture polish to use on my woodwork Just a little bit on my rag should be sufficient and you're just going to rub that in and that's just as the same as polishing a piece of wood furniture it's going to shine that right up

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