Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Bathroom Remodeling & Home Improvement Repairs : Bathroom Exhaust Fan Grill Replacement

Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village In this video clip we will be replacing a bath fan grill

In this bathroom we have a ventilation fan located on the ceiling Now there's an old 1980's yellow colored grill covering this fan In addition to it being old and yellow there is a lot of dust and other types of debris that have collected in it over the years We're going to be replacing this with a new clean grill Our first step is to pull the grill straight down

It's attached by springs and you'll pull down and you'll be able to pivot it Next we will need to disconnect our spring There's a spring on both sides so make sure you take both of those off After that we need to vacuum out our fan unit After that we can put our new grill in place and push it straight up

That one looks much better than the old one and it should function a lot better because we did vacuum that out as well

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